Why We Don't Achieve Sh*t

What You Can Do in 2021

It’s 2021 and it’s time we achieve some amazing sh*t. Seriously.

A lot has happened in 2020. I believe that COVID is here to stay for a little longer. So what can you do?

  1. Start Learning

This year is the time to get ahead. Online education is here to stay (and many schools are getting on the bandwagon). Learn as much as you can in your down time. My suggestion is the Edx/Coursera/Udemy platforms.

  1. Stop Consuming

Far too many people are consuming entertainment. That’s OK, let them do that. You are also welcome to your breaks too! But isn’t this a great time to consume less and start being productive? Once the COVID dust settles the person who will be in a better position is you. Netflix, Video Games and Social Media are dangerous consumption cycles. I have had some followers message me about this and I will make a video on consumption. But all you need to know is consume far less than you produce.

  1. Soul Search

I didn’t think I would put this here but this is a great time to determine what you really want. What is it that you want to spend the next 10 years doing? Are you ready to commit yourself to it? For me, I had to determine my metrics that I deemed success. For example, a bad one that I had was validation. I wanted other’s people validation over my own. But in the end, you are the person who judges how your journey went. Is it going the way you want? What will your measures be?

  1. Shed Toxic.

There are people who are bad for you. If anything, COVID really accelerated that process and to find out who your ‘real’ friends are. You have to stop maintaining the relationships. It will hurt at first - trust me. But once your mind clears up and you have mental space for yourself you will realise it was all worthwhile. I had many pivotal relationships of all kinds this year and I am glad to be free for 2021. Love yourself first. The rest will come =)

  1. Meditate and Keep A Journal

Your journal may be 2 sentences a day. It could be a paragraph. But write down your thoughts in this tough time. It’s where you can reflect on who you want to be and what you have done. It’s also a time to open up to yourself. It’s where you can be completely honest and only you get to judge.

For meditation I suggest just 5-10 minutes a day. It’s tough. To keep your mind clear is ridiculous (I suggested guided meditation at first!).

  1. Eat Healthy and Exercise

Eat healthy! Looking after yourself is one thing you can do every day and I promise you will see results. Clear face. Better body. Whatever your goal is, eating healthy is always at the core of it. Stay hydrated and know that by looking after yourself you have done something for you and you alone!

  1. Smile, Stay Social

I think take some time to call a friend and have a joke. Maybe talk to a soul mate or a partner about something funny. If you are free to move around, why not catch up for a coffee with a friend. I mean you could watch some of my vids, I try to be funny there ;)

  1. Read!

I will be updating a reading list every month. For now, I suggest you stick to a goal of reading some book(s) per month. I am a non-fiction reader but occasionally dabble in some fiction books. You can also check out my book! I promise you will not be disappointed.

So are you ready for 2021?

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