What I'm Reading this Month (Jan 2021)

4 Books. Keep up with me. Let's see you get to 48 books by the end of year.

So what books am I reading this month? I plan to video/podcast summarise them for you as well - in case you are too tired to read ;)

Since we are at the start of January the goal will always be 4 books per month - or 1 book a week. Knowledge is power, wouldn’t you want to become powerful?

Note: Reading is active. Listening is passive. I prefer to read given that I learn better. You do you.

Book #1 Bitcoin Standard - Saifedean Ammous

Link here.

I have a lot of friends in cryptocurrencies and with the recent booms of bitcoin I’ve decided to learn more about them. I think it’s unfair to just dismiss a possible investment vehicle without reading and understanding it more so this is my first book I will read (I’ve started already!).

Book #2 Mastery - Robert Greene

Link here.

This is a gigantic book. I have heard man great things about this book so I want to give it a go. It’s the go to book to achieve ‘mastery’ and I’m thinking it’s going to be something along the lines of Malcom Gladwell’s Outliers.

Book #3 Amusing Ourselves To Death - Neil Postman

Link here

So I’ve heard this book was made in 1984 and talks about how society is going to become sh*t. Guess what? apparently its theory is right and it is STILL holding true today. I’m guessing it’s about consumption and how we are just effectively entertaining ourselves till we die. Great. Means everyone else can amuse themselves while we get ahead, hey?

Book #4 Gorilla Mindset - Mike Cernovich

Link here.

A highly recommended book about getting into the right mindset to achieve some sh*t. I mean, I think I’m already there but a lot of my followers suggested this one, so why not? Nothing wrong with adding more fuel to the fire.

Now you don’t have to follow along! but in case a book interests you and you don’t have the time, I plan to review and pass on my notes for you to get the quick low down and key takeaways!

Till then, go out there and achieve some sh*t.
P.S. You can always read my book here!